Can I match a shade of a competitor’s product?

Call 800-859-3112 for advice on finding the perfect shade or refer to the appropriate Ion Color Brilliance comparison chart.

Where can I find product instructions?

Ion Color Brilliance product usage directions are printed and placed inside each haircoloring product.

How do I determine which color product is right for me?

Call the Ion Color Brilliance color experts at 800-859-3112 for a free color consultation.

How do I lighten my hair?

  • If your natural hair is a light brown or lighter, use permanent hair color. For a more dramatic blonde use a high-lift shade.
  • If your natural hair color is a medium brown or darker you will need to prelighten with a lightener. Highlighting is always another option. The Ion Color Brilliance Lighteners create natural-looking highlights on selected strands. The look can be subtle to dramatic.
  • If you wish to go more than two levels lighter than your starting natural color, call 800-859-3112 to speak with a color expert.

**Always remember to do a strand test first!

If you have already colored your hair and want to achieve a much lightener shade or want to go back to your natural haircolor you may want to get personal advice from one of our Ion Color Brilliance experts at 800-859-3112 or seek a professional colorist.

How can I test a color before committing to coloring my entire head of hair?

A strand test is a simple process to test haircolor on a small portion of hair before doing the entire application. (The strand test instructions are in your haircolor box.) This is a critical first step and the only way to see exactly how the shade works with your starting color. A strand test also helps in determining the exact timing you will need to process your whole head.

Can I perm and color on the same day or is it better to do one before the other?

It is recommended to perm first prior to any haircolor application.

However, if you are using semi or demi permanent haircolor and you have no scalp irritation you can do both the same day. If you want to use permanent haircolor, it is recommended to wait two weeks before the color application. Check the product usage directions first. Regardless, perform a strand test before coloring. Permanent waves and relaxers can leave the hair more porous and allow color to be absorbed much faster.

I’m visiting my stylists soon, and it’s also time for me to re-color. Should I get my hair cut before or after coloring?

We recommend a haircut prior to coloring.

Does the length of my hair make any difference in the amount of haircolor I will need?

Absolutely. Hair should be thoroughly saturated to ensure even, successful results. If your hair is shoulder length or longer or very thick, you may need two tubes of color. It is also important to note that the ends of long hair tend to be porous and absorb more color. Timing on porous ends can be less so make sure you perform a strand test. It is advised to use the Pre Color treatment on porous ends to ensure even color results.

If I’m going to color my hair, when should I shampoo it?

When using demi permanent, permanent, or liqhteners the hair should not be shampooed immediately before application, as it can remove the natural oils that protect the scalp during the coloring process. It is best to shampoo immediately or 12-24 hours prior to an application of semi permanent haircolor.

Can I mix shades?

Yes, but it’s important to only mix same brands, for example, mix Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Intensive Shine with other Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Intensive Shine shades. Also not recommended, mixing shades more than 2-3 shades lighter or darker than each other. In other words, you wouldn’t want to mix a blonde with a black.

I’ve been noticing the bottom of my hair is darker or lighter than the top? Why?

This can happen if you don’t color new growth only on touch-up applications. If you apply haircolor to your entire head when you only see new growth, you’ll end up coloring the older, more porous ends, which will result in color build up. Regular trims are also critical for a more consistent look.

Follow product usage instructions for new growth application only and use Ion Pre Color Treatment prior to color application on previously colored hair. When coverage is more uniform, do a retouch application. First, apply color to your roots only. Five minutes before processing ends, color the rest of your hair, only if necessary.>/p>

Does hair type (curly or straight, coarse or fine) affect color timing?

Yes, an important consideration is the texture. When the hair is coarse (large in diameter) or fine (small in diameter) adjustments are necessary. Coarse hair takes more time to absorb color, and thus it requires a longer processing time. Fine hair takes less time to absorb so it often requires less time.

Hair that is dry or permed may absorb color quickly. Because of the many variables that can affect timing, always do a strand test.

When do you start timing?

Set your timer as soon as you’ve finished applying haircolor.

Opps! I hate my color, what do I do now?

Our Ion Color Brilliance experts are here to help! Call 800-859-3112.